The PGR has been invited to attend the WELCOME HOME event for a unit returning home.

We will stand a flag line at Laidley Field where the families will be awaiting the return of their HEROES!! (The Unit will be transported from the Airport to Laidley Field via bus) There are 135 HEROES returning at this time.

Staging Time: 12:15 PM

Laidley Field
1549 Piedmont Rd.
Charleston, West Virginia 25311


Ride Captain:

Susan Whitlatch, starr6562@gmail.com

Special Instructions:

Staging will be across the street from Laidley Field in the parking area.

Staging at 12:15.

Definite flight times and other information pertaining to the unit returning will be disclosed at the mission briefing.

Everyone please bring a mask In case we are required to wear them. (Not likely since we will be outdoors, but we need to be prepared.)

Flags & Water:

Flags will not be provided

Large Bike Flags will NOT be needed.

Water WILL NOT be provided, please bring your own.

Submitted By: Delores Minear
Position: West Virginia HOTH Coordinator