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For General Questions you don’t see answered on our site, see our Contact Form, or continue reading below.

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Please feel free to get in touch with our State Captain, one of our Assistant State Captains, Senior Ride Captains or Ride Captains by clicking on their e-mail address below.

We would be honored to participate in the final services for any service man or woman who has made the Ultimate Sacrifice for our Country, any Veteran, Law Enforcement Officer (LEO) or First Responder.  We would also be happy to be present as our troop(s) are being deployed and/or as they are returning home as our way of showing our true appreciation and respect for their service.  We do this for one as well as an entire unit.

If you would like to request our services, please contact our State Captain or fill in our Mission Requests form on the Mission Requests Page.  You may e-mail any individual Captain listed below or send a message to WestVirginia@patriotguard.org.  That will be delivered to our State Captain, Assistant State Captains, Senior Ride Captains and our Help on the Homefront (HOTH) Directors.


State Captain
Joe Cumblidge – wvugo2001@suddenlink.net

Assistant State Captains

North – Ron Jones – ron1ok@comcast.net

South – Pat Hanifin, Sr. – patnpath@frontier.com

Senior Ride Captain: Buddy Palla – deaconbiker@yahoo.com

    Ride Captains:    Keith Mitchell – keithmitchell@suddenlink.net

                                  Willie Adkins – brainardadkins@yahoo.com

                                    Anita Gunnoe – argunnoe@suddenlink.net

                                  Dave Shaffer – pdshaffer327@yahoo.com  

                                Jeanne Shaffer – jas875@frontier.com

                               Jim Shaffer – shaffer13e20@frontier.com

                               Ken Helmbright – lonerider072001@yahoo.com 

Senior Ride Captain: Carl Spade – ace_gunsmith@hotmail.com

     Ride Captains:     Alan Sinnett – Douglassinnett@yahoo.com

                                    Jerry Stanley – jstan97@gmail.com

                                     Carl Spade – ace_gunsmith@hotmail.com

Senior Ride Captain:  Doug Geary – dougandjanegeary@yahoo.com

     Ride Captains:  Barry Bledsoefyrefighter814@aolcom                                        

                                 Buddy Myers –  myersbuddy@hotmail.com                                      

                                  Mike “Boonie” Jarvis –  dolittle202@gmail.com  

                                 John Brown – kz800c@yahoo.com

                                Linda Stimmell – ljstimmell@aol.com

Senior Ride Captain:  Steve Chapmanshchapman@hotmail.com

     Ride Captain:  Art Thomm – artthomm2@yahoo.com

Senior Ride Captain:  Ron Jones – ron1ok@comcast.net

     Ride Captains:  Mike Whitlatch – bumpnrun6224@gmail.com

                                         Susan Whitlatch – starr6562@gmail.com

                                          Tom Moody –  temsr@yahoo.com

                                          Cheryl Skinner – proudusa@outlook.com

                                       Shirley Martin – shirleymartin2017@yahoo.com

                                        Ed Gill egillsdare@yahoo.com


      Ride Captains:  Wayne and Sharon Turner – waynesharon93@yahoo.com

Senior Ride Captain:  Pat Hanifin, Sr – patnpath@frontier.com

     Ride Captains:   Chuck Smith – greenbriersurveying@yahoo.com

                                     Larry Ash – ironhorse325@gmail.com

Help on the Homefront Director: Deloris Minear – dminear310@comcast.net





  1. Please remove me from the PGR list. I’ve sold my Harley and no longer ride.


    Bob Metzger

    E-mail sent to our accounts folks requesting your membership be removed. Thank you for contacting us.

  2. I am already a member of the OHPGR was wondering if I could also belong to the WVPGR

    • Good Morning Bill,
      As we have no borders in the PGR, we’re all members everywhere, but if you would like to be added to the distribution list for missions in WV, please tell me where you reside so I may have the District Ride Captain that’s closest to you include you in future mailings. You’re also welcome to join our page on Facebook, if you’d like.

    • You most certainly can, Bill. Many members wear patches and pins from other states. If you don’t have one of ours, drop an e-mail to our Assistant State Captain, Buddy Palla, at bpalla@wvpatriotguard.org deaconbiker@yahoo.com and he will tell you how to get one.

      Thank you, sir.

  3. I am already a Member in Pennsylvania but have since changed my e-mail address and would like to update. Who should I contact? I am in Jefferson County. Would like to receive e-mails on up coming events.

    • Hi John. Thank you for your membership. If you now reside in Jefferson County, could you please tell me what city and I’ll inform the appropriate District RC? Thank you very much, sir.

  4. can someone from district 2 e-mail me tonight before 1730 hrs need to know about veterans day parade route how far is the walk time line up depart cause my Voiture Locale 1448 40/8 has to be in Irvine KY by 1600 hrs that day Nov.12 2011 e-mail me at (krazykykid@hotmail.com)

  5. I’m so sorry, but I would appreciate my name being removed from the email list. I suppot PGR completely but I’m disabled now and can’t participate in memorial events much less ride any longer. May God bless all members…

    • Thank you for the contact, Chuck. I got in touch with National and they are unable to find you as a registered member in West Virginia. If you reside in a different state, please e-mail me at wvugo2001@suddenlink.net and I’ll get in touch with that State Captain.

      Very sorry to hear of your disability. Thank you for your support.

  6. I have been on several missions and want to be contacted on up comming missions I am proud to be a part of the Patriot Guard.

  7. I live in the Wood Co. area and was wondering how I could join?

    • Good Morning Mark,
      Joining the PGR is very simple. Just go to our National site at http://www.patriotguard.org and complete the short registration process. Once you’ve done that, just e-mail me with your name and where you riside and I’ll send you our welcome letter. I look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your interest in joining us.

  8. OK great, I have another question. I dont ride a Motorcycle, (bad wreck as a kid)is there still a place for me? Also I am unemployed right now so is there monthly or yearly dues like the VFW or other orgizantions?

    I want to be apart and show my respect to my Brothers and Sis’s still serving but things are tough right now.

    Thanks Marc

    • No problem at all, Marc. Owning/riding a motorcycle is NOT a requirement for membership. Neither is being a Veteran. All that is “required” of anyone is Respect and it appears you have plenty of that, sir.

      There are NO meetings nor are there any dues. Membership is entirely free.

  9. Joe,
    I have registered at the National Website. IDK what is next, so I will be looking forward to hearing from you.

    Thanks Marc

  10. joe i cant get my login to work

  11. my wife and I would like to join the Guard to show our respect to the service men and women, I am a Desert Shield/Storm Veteran and I have the most respect for you guys and what you represent.

    Please contact me to tell me how to register.

    Thank You

    • Thank you for your contact, Brian. Most importantly, though, thank you for your service to our Country.

      To register simply go to our National site (www.patriotguard.org) and complete the short registration process. When you’ve done that, please drop me an e-mail to WVSC@patriotguard.org, including your city of residence, and I’ll send you our welcome letter which includes much information I hope you find beneficial. If both you and your wife register, please let me know that along with her first name.

      Thank you very much,

  12. I live in eastern Panhandle and would like to be a part of the Patriot Guard I know primary is motor cycle but that for now is out. I want to do this as away to honor those that died . The other is to repay and honor those veterans that have put their lives on the line for me . I have never been able to serve because ever since age of 4 when my parents had my tonsils removed I have had constant ear infections ear drums rupture so that has left me out of many things . this is the only thing I can do for those veterans living and deceased . Thanks do hope You will allow me to ride in the rear if needed or anywhere for that matter , just so I can do something to give back .

    • Thank you for your contact Frank. Absolutely you can participate in any/all missions that you are able to attend. Mode of transportation or Veteran status is never an issue in the PGR. As our mission statement says, the only prerequisite is Respect. If you’ve not already done so, please go to our National site (www.patriotguard.org) and complete the short registration process, e-mailing me at wvugo2001@suddenlink.net when you’ve done that.

      Thank you, again, sir.
      Joe Cumblidge
      State Captain

  13. looking from any thing going on for Memorial Day weekend around Parkersburg, WV. I’ve also tried to find PGR on facebook, it keeps come up saying the page is down or can’t be viewed at this time. whats up.

    • I have no information on what might be going on in the Parkersburg area, Gary. As for our Facebook page, it is a Secret Group for our members. Unfortunately I don’t recognize you as a member but, if you have registered on our National site (www.patriotguard.org) just e-mail me at wvsc@patriotguard.org giving your name and city of residence and I will send you our welcome letter which contains the link to both our Facebook and Yahoo Group pages.

    • Hello again, I still have heard for anyone about how to get on the PGR facebook site so I can keep up with local runs and events. I live in Newport Oh, acrouse the river from Saint Marys Wv. I’ve been a few runs in my van. my e-mail is gary_boleyii@yahoo.com

  14. My apologies, Gary. I thought I had already sent you an invitation to join our page. If you didn’t receive or if I forgot to do it, you should have 2 e-mails at the above address. One is an invitation to join the page and the other is the link to it where you can request to be added.

  15. Hello!

    I’m struggling to find a way to be removed from the email list. Can someone direct me in a way to do that?

    Thank you!

  16. I recently retired and would like to participate in PGR missions in WV. I live in Milton, WV.

  17. My husband (former 82nd ABN) and I moved to Berkeley Springs, WV from MD. We’re members of the MD PGR but would also like to be notified of WV missions/events. What is the recommended way to receive notification of upcoming missions/events? Thank you for ALL you do!!

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