Updated July 8, 2015

How do I request WVPGR to attend a mission?

How do I join the Patriot Guard Riders?

Do I need to be a veteran to join?

Do I need to ride a motorcycle to join or attend missions?

Do I need to live in WV to attend missions in WV?

Where do I get WV PGR patches and other gear?

My question is not answered here. What do I do?


  1. Just wondering how to get a WV PGR patch. I am in the KY PGR and have ridden in a couple WV missions. Please let me know how to get a hold of a couple of them. Thanks and God bless, Ross Hicks

  2. Ross, if no one has been in contact with you, please drop an e-mail to our ASC-South, Buddy Palla, at bpalla@wvpatriotguard.org deaconbiker@yahoo.com and he will see that you get one.

    My sincere apologies for not getting with you sooner.

  3. warrick osburn post 7 legion riders

    will try to get up on july 2 mabie a little late thanks for the invite. warrick osburn alr post 7

  4. Does anyone know where we might be able to purchase one of the WV PGR patches? Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Owen and Vicki Renshaw

    • Hi Vicki…I have a few left and, I believe, so does Buddy. They’re $5.00 each. If you’d like one, you can mail to me at 406 N. Wells St., Sistersville, WV 26175 and I’ll send back what you want. Or, if you’re closer to Charleston, you can e-mail Buddy Palla and he can arrange to send them to you.

      • Sorry, I forgot to check back here for an anwer to my question until today. I will be sending a check out to you just as soon as I know who to make it out to. Thankks a lot!!

        • As of right now, Vicki, we are out of patches but another order has been placed. They should be here in a few days. I would suggest sending an e-mail to Buddy Palla at deaconbiker@yahoo.com and have him provide you with HIS mailing address as he’ll have them in his possession before me. The check can either be made out to him or to West Virgina Patriot Guard.

  5. Joe as of today do you have any more of the wv patches left. thanks …Kevin

    • Hey Kevin,
      We should have them in just a few days. I believe another order was placed over the weekend.

      If you want, drop Buddy an e-mail at deaconbiker@yahoo.com and have him provide you with his mailing address, if you’d like any.

      With any kind of luck, he should have them in his possession at our Welcome Home mission on Friday, if you’re going down for that.

  6. buddy palla my name is steven arthur and i would like to become a PGR .i an retire and would like to help.Ian a vietnam veteran i was over 2 time . thinks for your time.

  7. I recently joined your org. please e-mail me of any upcoming events. This appears to be a very worthy organization to be a part of!

  8. Since I just recently joined the WVPG, it would be greatly appreciated if you could please send me e-mail notifications of upcoming events if possible. Thanks

  9. I am a retired Navy Chief. Moved back home to WV. Would love to be a part of the PGR! How do I go about it?

  10. I have never served nor do i have a motorcycle but i would still like to join how do i go about that. thanks

    • Thank you for your interest in joining us, James. I sent you an e-mail explaining how to do that. Hope to see you soon.

  11. I am a veteran of panama and desert shield/storm and I would like to become a member but i don’t know how to join the sooner the better…thank you

    • Thank you for your interest in joining the Patriot Guard Riders, Tommy, and thank you for your service to our Country.

      Membership is very easy. Simply go to our National site (www.patriotguard.org) and complete the short registration process. Once you have done that, simply drop me an e-mail to WVSC@patriotguard.org giving me your city of residence and I will send you our welcome letter via return mail.

      I look forward to hearing back from you.
      Joe Cumblidge
      WV State Captain

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