Members of the 130th Airlift Wing are returning home from a deployment overseas, and we are invited to be there to help welcome them home. Since these missions are always subject to change, please monitor this thread for any updates to the mission dates and times.

  Missions will take place on a US military installation…NO WEAPONS are permitted on your person, or in your vehicle/bike. For now, staging information for both days is the same:

Staging location: Go-Mart, 1502 Greenbrier St, Charleston (near Coonskin Park entrance)

Staging time: 1530, with KSU at 1600

RCIC: Buddy Palla, but subject to change

Buddy’s contact number is 304-610-1324

The “planned” return of the members of the 130th Airlift Wing has, once again, been delayed by 24 hours due to the weather.

They will now TRY to return on Sunday, 08 March. Staging time has also been changed.

As this is still on the weekend, hopefully, many of you will be available to welcome our “Citizen Soldiers” back to West Virginia.

Any more changes will be immediately posted so please check here or on the mission thread prior to your departure.


Thank you very much!


Delores Minear

WV HOTH Director