** Welcome Home- 130AW Security Forces, Charleston, WV, 22 Nov 12 **
  The Patriot Guard Riders have been invited to stand up a welcome home mission for the 130th Airlift Wing Security Forces Squadron, who are returning home on Thanksgiving Day from a deployment overseas. This Thanksgiving Day will certainly be a special time of thanks for these service members and their families. If your plans for the holiday will allow you slip away for a short amount of time and attend this happy event, I know these troops and their families would appreciate it.
Staging time: 1015-1030
Yeager Airport, Charleston, WV https://tinyurl.com/cl4d6yk
The weather for Thursday is calling for a high of 61 degrees and sunny skies. There will not be an escort, so cages and bikes are fine…your call, but please arrive safely. Remember to bring a warm smile and a 3×5 flag for the flag line. Upon arrival, park in the the free-parking lot in front of the terminal.
Keith Mitchell will be the RC for this mission;
contact him with any questions @ 304-541-6154 / keithmitchell@suddenlink.net
Continue to monitor this thread for any changes in dates/times.
Buddy Palla