The Patriot Guard has been requested to attend the Opening Ceremonies for the…
The Walk4Vets event which is being hosted by Jan Dils, Attorneys at Law
Will be held on April 28, 2012 at the City Park in Parkersburg, WV from
9:00AM through 1:00 pm
Staging Time: 8:00AM at City Park, Parkersburg WV.
We will establish a flag line ½ Hour prior to the beginning of the Ceremonies 8:30AM and continue the flag Line for ½ hour past the Opening Ceremonies 9:30AM. Please be sure to bring your 3 x 5 Flags.

Ride Captain assigned to this event is Kevin Geisel (K-Pup)  740-434-1017.

If you have any question or need directions please e-mail or call…
Thank you,

Parris Witte
Assistant HOTH Director