Good Afternoon All,

   As we will soon be entering Veteran’s Day weekend, you will see that we have events planned in various parts of West Virginia to help Honor and show our Respect to every man or woman who has ever donned the uniform of one of our Armed Services.

   I hope you will be able to participate in an event that is close to you, but, if you live in a portion of our great state where we have nothing planned and are unable to travel to one elsewhere, it is my hope and wish that you will be able to attend a parade or ceremony in your own area.

   On this holiday, and EVERY day, all who signed that blank check payable to the United States of America for an amount up to and including their life deserve to be thanked for their service and their sacrifice for OUR freedom and liberty.

   I hope you will join me in making sure  we render them the thanks they have earned.