You may have seen an article in the newspaper last week stating the Patriot Guard would be leading the Veteran’s Day Parade in Charleston…it’s true. There will be a couple of Charleston motor officers in front, but we will be the lead unit in the parade. This parade is one of 62 “specially recognized” parades across the nation. If your bike can fly a flag at parade speeds, come prepared to do so

The parade starts at 10:00 am, Saturday, November 10th, and we need to be at the parade line-up location around 09:15.

Ken Helmbright is the RCIC for this parade, so if you have any questions, please contact him at 304-993-5718. Staging information is below:

Staging location: the parking lot beside the 7-Eleven near the Capitol. Get off I-64/I-77 at the Greenbrier Street exit (#99), head down the hill and the 7-Eleven will be on your right. There’s food, fuel and rest rooms available across the street at the One-Stop, but it doesn’t have enough parking to accomodate us. Show up when ever you like, but be ready to roll at 09:00...there’s also a McDonald’s nearby for those of you who might need an egg McMuffin. We will depart the staging location and ride down Kanawha Blvd to Leon Sullivan Way…this is where the line-up takes place.

We will be leading the parade, and the organizers have asked us to display the bikes immediately after the parade, at Haddad Riverfront Park for the Veteran’s Day Ceremony; the ceremony starts at 11:00.

This event is open to all riders, so feel free to bring along other groups…they want to have as many bikes as possible. The organizers have, unfortunately, requested bikes only to lead the parade.  Thank you for your understanding.