Lapel Pin


For the fourth year in a row, the Patriot Guard Riders have been invited to participate in the Veteran’s Day Program at the Clay County High School (CCHS), in Clay, WV. Each year, our participation numbers have increased; it is an absolute pleasure for us to be invited back again this year. The honor and respect shown to veterans by the students and faculty of CCHS needs to be replicated in every school across the nation.

As always, we are invited to be there in time for a delicious lunch. The program begins after the meal, at which time we will form up a flag line inside the gymnasium. Honored guests/veterans will pass through the flag line as they enter the gym at the beginning of the program. If you have not had the opportunity to attend a CCHS Veteran’s Day Program, I would highly encourage you to try and attend this one.

Initial Staging location: Go-Mart at the Elkview interchange on I-79N (exit 9)

Final Destination: Clay County High School, Clay, WV,

Time: Food, fuel and restrooms are available, arrive at Go-Mart whenever you wish, but be ready to roll by 0930

ETA at School: 1030, with lunch beginning at 1100
Temp RCIC: Jim Shaffer,

Please remember your 3×5 flags, bikes or cages are fine, weather forecast shows sunny and dry, but on the cool side. This is a very worthwhile event…you will not be disappointed.

Buddy Palla
WV ASC-south