The Patriot Guard Riders have once again been invited to participate in the annual Veteran’s Day Parade in Parkersburg, WV.

Our participation will consist of leading the parade from Parkersburg High School to the Parkersburg City Park where we will stand and maintain a flag line for the ceremonies beginning at 1000.

Staging will be at 0930.

Location will be on Washington St, across from the South end of the horseshoe at PHS, 2101 Dudley Ave., Parkersburg, WV.

Carl Spade ( will be your contact for any questions

Although not an “official” PGR mission, this is something we’ve done for many years. If you have no other plans for that day, why not come out and join us as Parkersburg pays Honor to all of our Veterans.

2101 Dudley Avenue, Parkersburg, West Virginia