The Patriot Guard Riders have been invited to participate in the escort and interment services for SGT James W. Sharp, U.S. Army, Korea KIA/MIA on Thursday, 29 Jun 17.

In late November, 1950, Sharp was a member of Battery B, 57th Field Artillery Battalion, 31st Regimental Combat Team, 7th Infantry Division. Approximately 2,500 U.S. and 700 South Korean soldiers assembled into the 31st Regimental Combat Team (RCT), which was deployed east of the Chosin Reservoir, North Korea, when it was engaged by overwhelming numbers of Chinese forces. By December 6, the U.S. Army evacuated approximately 1,500 wounded service members; the remaining soldiers had been either captured or killed in enemy territory. Because Sharp could not be accounted for by his unit at the end of the battle, he was reported missing in action as of Dec. 6, 1950.


Primary Staging Time: 0900 A.M.

Poling-St. Clair Funeral Home

95 S. Kanawha St.

Buckhannon, West Virginia –

Ride Captain:

Wayne Turner ( Assisted by Boonie Jarvis (

Special Instructions:

Mission brief: 0915

Escort to the West Virginia National Cemetery in Pruntytown will depart the funeral home between 0930-1000 under PGR leadership.

Upon arrival at the National Cemetery, our flag line will be set and maintained during committal services scheduled for 1100.

Weather forecast is for partly cloudy skies with temperatures in the mid 80’s. Please dress and travel accordingly, ensuring you keep yourself properly hydrated.

If you intend to fly large flags, please ensure they are very securely mounted.

Won’t you join with us as we say “Thank You”, “God Speed” and “Welcome Home” to a Hero who is finally being returned to his native home.

Flags & Water:

Flags Will NOT Be Provided, Please Bring Your Own.

If you have large bike flags, please bring them.

Water WILL NOT be provided, please bring your own.

Submitted By: Joe Cumblidge

Position: State Captain

Buckhannon, WV 26201