SGT James “Jimmy” Smith, 29, USA, Tuscarawas, OH, 25, 26 APR 11

Visitation:Linn Hert Geib Funeral Home
116 Second Street N.E.
New Philadelphia, Ohio 44663
25 April 2011@ 1400-1600hrs-( 2-4 PM ) & 1800- 2000hrs-( 6-8 PM ) 


Linn Hert Geib Funeral Home
25 April 2011@ 1300hrs-( 1 PM ) & 1700hrs-( 5 PM ) 

Services:Broadway United Methodist Church
120 Church Avenue SE
New Philadelphia, Ohio 44663
26 April 2011 @ 1030hrs-( 10:30 AM )

If you do not want to be part of the escort from the funeral home to the church, staging time for the church is now 0815 (8:15am), flags up at 0830 (8:30am) for the arrival of Sgt Smith. There will NOT be a Ride Captain at the church at 0815 (8:15am). Ride Captains will be doing the escort, so please line yourselves up. We will arrive at the church with Sgt Smith. Staging:

Tuesday morning there will be an escort from the Geib Funeral home to the church. If you want to be involved in that escort, stage at the Geib Funeral Home at 0800 (8:00am). We will be forming a flag line at 0815 (8:15am) for the transfer of Sgt Smith from the funeral home to the church. We will then escort Sgt Smith to the Broadway United Methodist Church.

Broadway United Methodist Church 26 April 2011@0815hrs-( 8:15 AM )


There will be an escort from the Broadway United Methodist Church to Ridgecrest Memorial Gardens. Dover, OH following the services Ridgecrest Memorial Gardens
1926 Saltwell Road Northwest
Dover, OH 44622-7468

SGT Smith died while during physical training 18 April 2011. He leaves behind his wife and two daughters one of which is not born yet. Please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers.

District # 6 Captain Dave Huprich is assigned this mission of Honor and Respect. Please follow his instructions . Remember your 3’x5′ American flags, please dress per the weather conditions and use your own judgment on how you get safely to the mission. If you have questions please email Dave.

Dave Huprich:

New Philadelphia, OH 44663