This is a Military Retiree Appreciation Day.

Saturday, April 13, 2024,  Glen Jean Armory, Glen Jean WV
This event is open to ALL branches of the military for those who have retired from their selected branch of service.

This event is a Department of Army recognized event established to provide important information updates and military retiree information in a social gathering. It will have over 40 vendors representing Veteran Service Organizations, retailers specific to military, medical support, legal support, ID card support and etc. Lots of food, coffee and so forth. This is the third annual event for this state. To assist us in planning and resourcing the event, please take a minute to fill out the registration. You can register at the event, however it is a big help to us if you register prior to the event. Here is the link to registration.


This will be the third annual event. We already have confirmation that the Director of Retirement Services for Army will be there. Last years event was a great success but we continue to develop and improve on it. In the coming days I will provide a link to the registration site for those that want to register early. That will help us make certain we have enough food on hand and accommodating space. You can also check out the West Virginia Military Retiree Appreciation Day page. I will be updating information on it as well. I invite question, suggestions and insights.