The presence of the Patriot Guard Riders has been requested at a very special event on Veteran’s Day evening, at the WVSU Capitol Center Theater, 123 Summers Street, Charleston, WV. There will be two functions that evening: the first is a reception for the WV Gold Star families at 1800 hrs, and the main event is the premier of a documentary film titled “37 Fallen”. This film chronicles the stories of 37 West Virginia heroes who paid the ultimate sacrifice in the Global War on Terror (GWOT), and promises to be a compelling film.  

  The producers of the film, and hosts of this event, have requested we stand up a flag line outside the venue where the reception will be held, during the arrival, and in honor of, the Gold Star families. The reception will be held at a storefront adjacent to the theater. The flag line will remain in place outside until approx 1900 hrs. At this time, we will be invited inside the theater for a brief ceremony, and the premier viewing of the documentary. 

  Your means of conveyance is up to you, but I would suggest cages. Free parking has been coordinated with “Joyce’s Auto Detail & Parking” at the corner of Laidley & Quarrier St. (look for the Pennzoil sign on the corner). If that fills, we can also park at the United Bank lot or parking garage, which are right across the street. Please do not arrive at Joyce’s lot before 5:00 pm. I worked out the parking details with the manager at Joyce’s today; I will be there around 5:00 pm to coordinate. If her lot is full when you arrive (not likely), the lot at United Bank will cost you $2 for the whole evening, or you can park in the garage, and after the attendant leaves at 6:00pm, you drop your ticket in a box at the exit location and the gate will open to let you leave (no charge). The theater is on the opposite side of the block from where we will be parking…this is the closest I could find. 

  If you have the option to carpool to this mission with other members coming from your area, PLEASE do so. The film will last approx. an hour and a half, and everything will be finished up between 9-9:30 pm. 

Staging time: 5:00- 5:30 pm, mission brief at 5:30 pm 

Staging location: Joyce’s Auto Detailing, 116 Laidley St, Charleston, WV https://tinyurl.com/lfsf4sb 

Flag line:  in place no later than 5:45 pm 

RCIC: Buddy Palla, 304-610-1324 

Delores Minear

WV HOTH Director