The Patriot Guard Riders have been invited to participate in a most honorable escort as two sections of rail that were located in the basement of Tower One of the World Trade Center on 9/11 and personal items that were also found amidst the rubble are transferred from JFK International Airport to Huntington, WV where they will be used as part of a Memorial honoring the service and sacrifice of all First Responders who made the Ultimate Sacrifice on that fateful day nearly 15 years ago.

This will be a multi-state “pony express” type of mission with an early morning departure from JFK, arriving late afternoon/early evening in Huntington where it will be received by a grateful community at a short ceremony.  This escort has been requested and coordinated by Mr. Tom Bowen, one of the hundreds of people who volunteered and gave of their time to assist in search and rescue/recovery efforts at Ground Zero.

Staging times, locations and RC assignment will be as follows (ALL times, except staging, are estimates):

TIME  LOCATION                   KSU                 RIDE CAPTAIN

0415    Hilton Inn                     0430         Pete Jepson (631-922-6330)

           144-02 35th Ave

           Jamaica, NY



0430    Call for details                     0500        Russell Breninger (973-769-5860)


0600    TA Truck Stop                      0630         Beau Pence (610-849-3568)

            975 Rte. 173

            Bloomsbury, NJ  


0815      Kwik Fill #259            0910         Beau Pence (610-849-3568)

            6479 Carlisle Pike

            Mechanicsburg, PA



1030      Belle Grove Auto        1130          Steve Chapman (202-841-6524)

            12937 Orleans Rd.

            Little Orleans  MD



1230     Pilot Truck Stop           1350         Randy Rice (304-613-1404)

            2309 Smithtown Rd.

            Morgantown WV



1515      Go-Mart                               1610          Joe Cumblidge (304-534-1150)

            6101 Big Otter Hwy.

            Ivy Dale WV



1800     Pullman Square   —-            Arrived at destination

            220 9th St.

            Huntington, WV


Upon arriving in Huntington there will be a short 15-20 minute ceremony, including “final call”, in honor and memory of those who lost their lives at the WTC, the Pentagon, Shanksville, PA and all our service men and women in the ongoing Global War on Terror.

At each stop, please have a minimum of two (2) members stay with the truck at all times to ensure its safe transport.  Ample time will be given to refuel prior to KSU.

Remember, with the exception of staging times, all others are very fluid being dependent on traffic, weather, toll booths and weigh stations.  At each stop, the RC will call ahead to let members know they are departing.

We will have State Police escort from JFK to, at least, the Pennsylvania line and, once again, from the West Virginia line to Huntington.  Every effort will be made to maintain the posted speed limit while remembering the truck transporting the steel may have some difficulties on the hills.  There will also be 6 motor units and two cruisers from the Huntington PD who will be participating in this from JFK.

It is vital that we make every attempt to stay within the timeline posted while NOT sacrificing our members’ safety.  To help ensure fuel stops are kept within the 30 minute time frame, it is asked that one person use their card to turn on the pump and pass the nozzle along to the next one in line.  Each individual member needs to keep track of his or her total and pay that to the lead rider.  This would only need to be done at stops with a large number of riders.

Attempts have been made by Mr. Bowen to allow us to pass weigh stations in each state but, as we understand it, Pennsylvania has not granted his request.  Please follow your Ride Captain’s instructions for how these will be handled.

It’s not all that often that we have an opportunity to be a part of escorting something with such historic value so I would encourage all who are able to make every effort to participate.  The importance of these simple pieces of steel and other related artifacts can and should NEVER be underestimated.  As the hangar where these have been stored since 9/11 will be emptied by the end of May, this will be your final opportunity to, in some small way, show your Honor and Respect to, not only our Police, Firefighters and EMTs, but all of those in the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and those aboard the airliners.

As this is a large undertaking by multiple states, please follow the lead of all Ride Captains.  Above all else, your safety is first and  foremost on this mission.  Please ride safely and with respect for your fellow riders.

Please monitor this thread for any potential updates.