The Patriot Guard Riders have been invited to stand a flag line during the annual Veteran’s Day celebration being held at City Park in Parkersburg, WV on 11 Nov 15.  Our participation will also include leading their parade from Parkersburg High School to City Park.

West Virginia RC Carl Spade (ace_gunsmith@hotmail.com) is the designated Ride Captain in Charge of this “happy mission”.

Staging will be at Hardee’s Restaurant, 4327 Emerson Ave., Parkersburg, WV (https://tinyurl.com/o9lcfzm).

Staging time: 0815.

Briefing/KSU: 0830 for the short trip to PHS.

Upon arrival at City Park, we will establish a flag line and maintain it during the ceremony.

Early weather is for temperatures in the mid-60’s with a 90% chance of sunshine.  Please dress and travel accordingly.

As this is a holiday for many, please make an effort to come out and show your support for all of those Veterans who gave so much of themselves for YOUR freedom and liberty.



Parkersburg, WV 26104