The Patriot Guard Riders have been invited to participate in the ceremony to honor all Gold Star families throughout West Virginia to be held at Camp Dawson in Kingwood, WV on Sunday, 27 Sep 15, beginning at 1030.

West Virginia District Captain Randy Rice (440236.rr@gmail.com) is the designated Ride Captain in Charge of this most Honorable mission.


Staging will be in the parking lot of the Hillsview Florist, 408 Main St., Kingwood, WV (https://tinyurl.com/o2oqla6) at 0900.


Mission brief will be at 0930 with KSU at 0950.  Travel will then be made to Camp Dawson under escort of the Preston County Sheriff’s Department.


Remember!  This is a military installation.  Absolutely NO firearms/weapons are permitted on base, even for those who possess a CCP.  Unless advised otherwise, normal protocol for riding on a military installation will also apply (helmet w/face shield or glasses, bright colored vest and/or bright colored long sleeved shirt, full finger gloves, long pants and boots).


Our flag line will be established NLT 1015 and will be maintained throughout the ceremony.


If you are not otherwise occupied on that day, why not come out and assist us as the West Virginia Army National Guard shows their appreciation to all of the families who have a loved one who made the Ultimate Sacrifice while helping ensure YOU can continue to enjoy your freedom and liberty today.


Delores Minear

HOTH Director  WV PGR

Kingwood, WV 26537