Lark E. Scott, USN, Oak Hill, WV 27 Nov 11

  The family of Lark E. Scott has requested the Patriot Guard stand a flag line of honor at Lark’s final service on Sunday, 27 November; this invitation was just received late this afternoon.
Lark was a US Navy veteran of the post-Korean War era. He passed away on 3 November, and will be interred tomorrow with full military honors. This family is very familiar with the PGR, and they are most appreciative of anything we can do to honor their loved one.


  We will meet at the High Lawn Memorial Park in Oak Hill, WV, approximately 30 minutes prior to the service, and set our flag line in preparation for the arrival of the family. The flag line will be maintained for the duration of the service. Since there is no escort, the mode of your arrival is not important, just please do your best to arrive safely and on time.Please remember to bring your 3×5 flags.

If you have any questions, contact the Ride Captain.

RCIC: Pat Hanifin (304-466-0235)
Staging time: 1320-1340 with flag line in place NLT 1345
Service: 1400
Location: High Lawn Memorial Park, E. Main St, Oak Hill, WV

Buddy Palla


High Lawn Memorial Park, Oak Hill, WV 25901