The Patriot Guard Riders have been invited to attend the memorial service for EMT Sarah Nodruft on Monday, 30 January. Sarah was a dedicated Boone County paramedic; she and her partner were on-duty and on their way home from a routine transfer, when Sarah passed away suddenly. She will be missed by many.
This is a memorial service only…there will be no escort. We will stand up a flag line of honor, one hour prior to the start of the service; this coincides with the public visitation. Because of the anticipated crowd, the service has been moved to the Madison Civic Center, 261 Washington Ave, Madison, WV.
We will stage initially in Charleston, and ride/cage down Rt 119 (Corridor G) together. Bikes or cages are appropriate, and it looks like the weather will be good.
Initial Staging time/location: 1115-1130, KSU 1135, Hardee’s Restaurant, 624 McCorkle Ave SW, Charleston, WV. Get off I-64 at the Montrose exit (#56) and go down the hill.
Flag line: In place NLT 1300, but we are going to try and be in place by 1245. The memorial service will start at 1400 hrs.; you are welcome to stay for the service, but our mission will terminate once the service begins.
  WVRC Ken Helmbright is the assigned RC for this mission of honor. Please direct any questions to him at (304)993-5718. Please remember your 3×5 flags, and bring any extras you might have in case we have guests standing the line with us.
Buddy Palla
WVPG ASC-south