Message from National:

Ladies and Gentlemen,

With the number of questions being asked and concerns about mission attendance and the Coronavirus Pandemic, I have decided to make the following statement. Please put this information out to the membership along with any decision you may have made concerning mission participation or discontinuance.

As States have been directly affected in different ways by the Coronavirus Pandemic, State Captains and their Leadership teams have raised concerns about missions being conducted. State Leadership should use their best judgement as to whether to restrict or discontinue missions in their respective States (or areas of their States). State Captains are vastly more familiar with risks involved in their areas than I am. All members should use their best judgement as to whether to attend or not. I am aware of certain areas of the Nation that State Leadership has decided to discontinue missions until the risk has subsided. I fully support the decisions of the State Leadership if they decide to try to protect the membership from exposure by discontinuing mission participation. Please follow the directions of your State Leadership, the Center for Disease Control, and the World Health Organization as it pertains to your area of the Country. Most of all, each member is acutely aware of their own health conditions and should use their best judgement. Please take any and all necessary precautions if you decide to attend. Protect yourself, the families of our fallen Heroes, and your fellow members.

With Respect,

David ‘Bear’ Noble
Patriot Guard Riders, Inc.
(918) 915-1551