The Patriot Guard has been invited to escort the Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall (BringingHometheWall) and the Quilt of Tears from Princeton to Rainelle on Wednesday May 22rd for the Memorial Day weekend. This is the third year we have provided this escort to honor the WV Veterans Reunion in Rainelle prior to their departure for the Run to the Wall. The ride captain will be Pat Hanifin, Sr.                                                       

STAGING:                      Little General Store / BP Gas Station

                                              1000 Oakvale Road

                                             Princeton, WV 

STAGING TIME:           9:30 a.m. 


 KSU:                             10:00 a.m. 

As always, cages and/or bikes are welcome. If you plan to fly a 3 x 5 flag please be sure to test it at interstate speeds for safety before the mission. The current weather forecast is for temperatures in the 70’s, but should be confirmed closer to the actual date. Please follow this thread for additional updates. 

Pat Hanifin, Sr.



304 673-9780