** Escort- WV Veteran’s Traveling Wall, Hico/Summersville, WV, 21 Sept 13 **
  The Patriot Guard Riders have been invited to escort the West Virginia Veteran’s Traveling Wall this coming Saturday, from Hico, WV to Summersville Lake for the “Vets for Life Picnic”. We will be staging at the Exxon Station near the intersection of Routes 60 and 19. The owner of the Exxon station is excited to have us stage at his location; he also has a restaurant there, and will be open for breakfast at 0530. We will stage at this location, then travel about three miles to where the Traveling Wall is located, and that’s where the actual escort will begin.
  If your bike/cage is capable of safely flying a flag at highway speeds, you are encouraged to do so. Once we arrive at Summersville Lake, I know the owner would appreciate having some help with the wall setup…if you can lend a hand, plan to stay for a little while.
Date: 21 Sept 2013
Staging time:  0730-0750, departing the Exxon around 0800-0810.
Staging location: Exxon Station near the intersection of Routes 60 and 19, https://tinyurl.com/nxohvoy
RCIC: Jack Kalmar,  304-880-6606 (cell)
Buddy Palla
WV ASC-south