The Family of Wesley Kyle “Bug” Goodson Jr. has requested the Patriot Guard Riders to be a part of the services for their loved one by Standing a Tall and Silent Flag Line of Honor for this WWll Navy Veteran. Mr. Goodson Jr. served with Honor in the U.S.Navy during WWll and received six commendations.

Mr. Goodson Jr. was a part of the Honor Flight to Washington DC. At which time Mr. Goodson Jr. met and became friends with PGR NC John “Longrider” Rumley. Mr. Rumley and his wife will be in attendance for the service Thursday. “Bug” is also the Father of NC PGR member Brenda Kirby.

Memorial Funeral Directory, 654 Athens Road, Princeton, WV ( (304) 425-8131.

RCIC: Larry Ash (304) 578-0036,

Visitation: Wednesday February 5th from 6:00 till 8:00 pm,
Staging: 5:30 pm
Briefing: 5:45 pm
Weather forecast: 46/23 F. Chance of rain 80% 

Service: Thursday February 6th from 1:00 pm
Staging: 11:30 am
Briefing: 11:45 am

Flag line will be in place NLT 1200 and maintained until start of services.

Escorting Mr. Goodson Jr. to his final place of rest following the service for a Military Presentation at that time.

Weather forecast: 38/25 F. Overcast. Please ensure you dress and travel accordingly.

Please make a concerted effort to say “Thank You” and God Speed to another of America’s Greatest Generation.