The Patriot Guard Riders have been requested to escort Sp5 Harold E. McGee, US Army, Vietnam Veteran, as he makes his final journey on Friday, 16 May 14.

Harold will be departing the Hadley Funeral Home, 1021 Pike St., Marietta, OH ( at 1340 and traveling to the Willow Island Cemetery for graveside services.

We have been requested to provide escort and a flag line during his final services.

WV District 3 RC Carl Spade ( is the RCIC of this honorable mission.

Anticipate staging at the funeral home NLT 1315 with mission brief at 1330. Departure will be at 1340 or at the discretion of the funeral director.

Early weather forecast is for partly cloudy skies, a 30% chance of showers and temperatures in the low 60’s. Please dress and travel accordingly.

Understanding this is a work day for many, if possible, please make a concerted effort to attend and give Sp5 McGee the “Welcome Home” he most likely was denied but definitely earned.