Nat'l Guard

The Patriot Guard Riders have been asked to stand in silent honor a flag line and provide escort for the WVANG 863rd MP Co., begin their deployment to the Sand Box. Please join us as we show our support to these soldiers and their families for the effort and sacrifices they make in protecting our freedom.


I would ask that all who are willing and able, whether you are PGR or not, to come out and assist with this mission as our “Citizen Soldiers” begin their deployment to the Sandbox.


This will be a two-part mission: Part one Saturday is a departure ceremony, and Part two Sunday is the escort.


** Part One: Departure Ceremony
The PGR will stand in silent honor a flag line for the WVANG 863rd MP Co., family and friends, at the Fayetteville Memorial Building.


Staging 11.30 Jim Lively Insurance Office 204 West Maple Ave, Fayetteville WV


Briefing: 11.45


Flag Line: 12 Noon till ETA 13:00


** Part Two: Departure
The PGR will escort the WVANG 863rd MP Co., to their scheduled airport.


Staging: 12.30 Glen Jean Armory 409 Wood Mountain Rd, Glen Jean WV, North of RT19 Glen Jean Intersection caution light, mile marker 7.5 opposite side of Little General, Exxon and Subway. Drive up to top of hill, to the Armory. More information about escort, will be given at the briefing.


Briefing: 12.45


KSU: 13.00, Please be ready to ride, flags are able for interstate speeds, full tanks, and weather-gear if needed. As of today slight chance of spotty rain 69/45 degrees.


WVPGR RCIC: Larry “Iron Horse” Ash
Phone: (304) 578-0036