Patriot Guard Riders have been asked to stand in silent honor and respect for The Annual Gene Vance Jr. Day on Sunday May 18, 2014.

SSG Gene Arden Vance Jr. was Killed in Action of a gunshot wound Sunday afternoon, 19 May 2002 while taking part in Operation Mountain Lion, designed to locate, isolate and destroy al Qaeda and Taliban fighters in eastern Afghanistan when his unit, The 19th Special Forces Group, came under heavy fire, he was shot in a mountainous Shkin area in the east. An Afghan soldier fighting alongside Vance was wounded in the firefight, which also left an attacker dead.

Staging 10:00 Pizza Hut, Kingwood, WV

Briefing 10:20

KSU 10:30 for short distance to Camp Dawson

11:00 Official Observance–Global Moment of Silence

12:00 Procession from Camp Dawson to East Oak Grove Cemetery

1:00 Public Observance and Public Prayer Service at the Cemetery

We will provide a flag line at Camp Dawson and Cemetery along with the procession from Camp Dawson to Morgantown.

Fellow Patriot Guard Member & Ret. Master Sgt. Rusty Taylor will be leading our procession. Rusty served with Gene in the 19thSpecial Forces.

Ride Captain for this most honorable mission is Linda Stimmell 304-685-6258



I have talked with Sgt. Major Harry at Camp Dawson. They do follow the DOD regulations for motorcycles riding on base.


This includes: gloves, boots, long pants, long sleeves, DOT approved helmet and a reflective vest.


Most of us probably ride with most everything except the reflective vest.

If you have something reflective, such as vest, rain suit, etc. bring that with you and we will wear them upon entering the base.

This does not mean you have to wear long sleeves if you have a coat on, the coat is your long sleeve.

They are willing to work with us on this Mission since this is a one time thing.

If you do not have the above requirements excluding the vest and still want to attend, please let me know and we will work on it.

Any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Linda Stimmell