The Patriot Guard has been requested to stand in silent honor at the closing ceremony for the field of flags. The Field of Flags will be on display the entire week. These flags fly to honor all  the men and women that have given their life for our freedom. It is being held at the United Methodist Church in New Martinsville.

I will be the RCIC for this most honorable event.  Direct any questions to me at

For a history behind the idea for the Field of Flags, please go here:  New Martinsville is the first city in West Virginia to host this most honorable display.  When set up here, it contained 6,185 flags, one for each service man or woman who made the Ultimate Sacrifice since these wars began.  They have, unfortunately, added about 15 more since then.

    We will stage in the parking lot of the Save-A-Lot, 223 N. State Route 2, New Martinsville (

    Staging time will be 0815 with KSU at 0830.

    Flag line will be set up and maintained during the closing ceremonies.  Any who are willing to help take down the display are encouraged to do so.

    Understanding this is considered to be the last weekend of summer, if you don’t have plans, I would ask all to take a short time out of your busy lives to pay homage to the thousands who have laid down their lives for your freedom and liberties.