The Patriot Guard Riders have been invited to stand in Honor and Respect for four (4) members of the 305th MP Detachment as they are returning from their extended deployment to the Sandbox.  They will be returning TONIGHT, 11 Nov 12, to the Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Airport in Williamstown, WV. 

   Members who are returning are: SPC Lewis Morris, PFC Justin Bowman, SPC Bill Keeper and SPC Lenny Wheatley. 

   Staging for this most happy mission will be at the Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Airport, 543 Airport Rd., Williamstown, WV ( at 2045 (8:45 PM).  

   Briefing will be at 2100.  Further details will be provided at the mission brief. 

   WV SC Joe Cumblidge is the RCIC of this most happiest of missions. 

   Weather forecast for today is for sunny skies with temperatures in the low 70’s.  Tonight is forecast to be clear with lows in the mid-50’s.  At the present time there is NO escort planned.  Please travel accordingly and safely. 

   Understanding this is a holiday to be celebrated by all, it is my wish and my hope that you can take a few minutes from your evening to say “Thank You” and “Welcome Home” to these American Heroes who have given the past year of their lives defending YOUR freedom and liberties.



Joe Cumblidge

State Captain

West Virginia Patriot Guard