The family of David Michael Parker has invited the Patriot Guard Riders to stand in honor of their loved one at his memorial service on Tuesday, March 4th, at the Wallace Funeral Home in Barboursville, WV. David proudly served in the Vietnam War as a United States Marine; we will be honored to stand for him.
This is a memorial mission only…there will not be an escort after the service. Your mode of transportation is up to you, cage or bike, but please travel safely and dress appropriately for the weather. We will stand up a flag line one hour prior to the service; once the service starts, the mission will terminate.

Staging time: 1130-1150, brief at 1150, flag line in place NLT 1200 hrs.

Staging location: Wallace Funeral Home, 1159 Central Ave, Barboursville, WV

Service: 1300 hrs

RCIC: Buddy Palla

Buddy Palla
WV ASC-south