WVNGThe Patriot Guard Riders have been invited to participate in a mission to Honor MAJ David Jenkins, US Army, WVARNG, as he is returned to West Virginia on Saturday, 6 Dec, and for his final services on Monday, 8 Dec 14. MAJ Jenkins is a Veteran of 2 tours in the Sandbox.

MAJ Jenkins will be returning to the West Virginia Army National Guard Armory, 1500 Blizzard Dr., Parkersburg, WV (https://tinyurl.com/k5n7jyr) Saturday evening.

West Virginia District 3 RC Carl Spade (ace_gunsmith@hotmail.com) is the designated RCIC of this most Honorable mission.

Staging for Saturday, 6 Dec, will be at the Armory at 1715.

Mission briefing at 1730. Additional information will be provided at the mission brief.

Staging for Monday, 8 Dec, will be at the Armory at 1330.

Mission briefing at 1345.

Flag line will be in place prior to the start of services at 1400.

At the conclusion of services, flag line will be re-established and maintained until the family’s departure. There will be NO escort.

Forecast for Saturday is for temperatures in the low 50’s with a 100% chance of rain.

Forecast for Monday is for temperatures in high 40’s with a 10% chance of rain.

Understanding the weather will be less than favorable for his return, as there is only a flag line for both days, please make a concerted effort to attend and say “Thank You” and “God Speed” to another Hero who gave so much of himself for YOUR freedom and liberty.