CPT David VanCamp, USA, Elm Grove, WV

The Patriot Guard Riders have been invited to stand in silent Honor and Respect for CPT David Van Camp, U.S. Army, who made the ultimate sacrifice in the Sandbox on 29 Jun.     Our participation has been requested to escort CPT Van Camp as he returns to West Virginia on 24 Jul, during his services on 30 Jul, escorting him to ANC on 31 Jul and his interment on 1 Aug.     Staging for the escort of 24 Jul will…

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Escort WWII Bataan Survivors, Pittsburgh/Wellsburg, WV, 23, 24 JUN 11

The PGR has been invited in escorting WWII Veterans who survived the Bataan Death March.  Approximately 72000 American and Filipino Soldier were forced to march 70 miles through the jungle and routinely denied food and water.  In total some 18000 to 20000 of the POWs died on the Bataan Death March.  Our Brave Veterans will go to the Wellsburg Library which is home to the American Defenders of Batann & Corregor Museum and research Center that includes artifacts, documents and books of this…

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SMSgt (Ret) John K. Learmonth, WVANG, Elkview, WV, 07 JUN 11

  *** Updated staging information ***  This mission of honor will take place at the Hafer Funeral Home, 50 North Pinch Road, Elkview, WV. https://tinyurl.com/6crxy5r on Tuesday, June 7th. Local riders will know how to best get there; those coming from out of the area should plan on taking I-79 north (or south) to the Elkview exit (#9). Turn up the hill and go about 1 mile to Route 119. Turn right and go about ¼ mile, turn left just before…

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