Michael Oliverio, US Army Vietnam Era – Morgantown, WV – 15 Feb 14



We have received a request for the PGR’s presence from the family of Michael A. Oliverio Sr., Morgantown, WV.
Mr. Oliverio served in the US Army during the Vietnam Era.
Details are as follows…
Date: Saturday, February 15, 2014
Staging: 11:30 AM at Golden Corral, Star City Exit 155, I79http://tinyurl.com/m2ak7mp 
We will carpool as much as we can for the short distance to the church. Parking will be limited due to anticipation of expected guests. 
Briefing: 11:45
KSU: 12:00
Location of services: St. Mary’s Catholic Church, University Ave, Star City, WV
At the request of the family, we will establish a flag line at the end of visitation only. This was asked so Mr. Oliverio, family and friends could come thru the flag line and truly feel what the Patriot Guard does for the Veteran, family and friends. The Patriot Guard is honored to be able to provide the last flag line that this Patriot will pass thru. 
Please attend if possible. We will also stand a flag line during his entombment as he will be interned in the Mausoleum on the church property. Mr. Oliverio will be entombed with full military honors. 
Co Captains for this honorable mission are Ride Captains Linda Stimmell and Doug Geary.
Any questions please contact one of us.
Respectfully submitted,
Linda Stimmell ljstimmell@aol.com 304-685-6258
Doug Geary dougandjanegeary@yahoo.com 304-291-0088 or 304-276-5238
Mike continued to serve his fellow Americans well after his military service. Mike not only served his community locally, but internationally as well, as was given the International Award for Achievement and Humanity in Rome, Italy. 
Mr. Oliverio has numerous accomplishments during his duties in public service including 10 years as County Clerk for Monongalia County, Morgantown, WV. He was a counselor, statesman, educator and civic leader and dedicated his professional and personal life to the betterment of the global community with tireless effort.
He also was awarded the Nathan Hale Award for Patriotism.
Mr. Oliverio’s father, Guisepe Oliverio who was an immigrant from Italy, ask his children to give back to America as America had given to them. Mike truly accomplished what his father had asked.

One thought on “Michael Oliverio, US Army Vietnam Era – Morgantown, WV – 15 Feb 14”

  1. It was a cold, snowy Saturday morning as the WV PGR stood for Michael A. Oliverio, Sr.

    We formed a flag line on the steps of the church for Mr. Oliverio and his family to pass thru. We then broke down our flag line and reassembled at the mausoleum where Mr. Oliverio was being interned.

    With help from Molly Burrow and Linda Nichols, we presented the family the condolence book and the plaque.

    The family and friends of Mr. Oliverio were very appreciative for the Patriot Guard being there to honor Mike.

    First, I would like to thank the Oliverio family for allowing us to be there. A huge thank you to St. Mary’s church for allowing us a place to stay warm until the mission started. And also to the staff at Rotruck-Lobb Funeral Home for their assistance.

    Linda Stimmell
    Ride Captain
    District 4

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