Michael Garrett, Firefighter/EMT1 – Clarksburg, WV – 8 Feb 14



The Patriot Guard Riders have been requested to stand a flag line for Fire Fighter/ EMT 1 Michael Garrett.


Fire Fighter/ EMT 1 Michael Garret served The Nutter Fort Fire Department, Company 7 in Nutter Fort, Harrison County, West Virginia. 
Michael answered his last call on On February 1, 2014, when the Nutter Fort Fire Department responded to a rescue incident involving multiple patients due to a reported cell phone tower collapse on Murphy’s Run in Summit Park, WV. While rescuing a victim, The funeral service will be held on Saturday, February 8, 2014 at 11AM at the Nathan Goff Armory in Clarksburg, WV.

The Co-ride captains for this mission will be Dave” UFO” Rowan and Aaron “MoonDogg” Edison ,Dave can be reached at: 304-672-2744.

Friday Flagline : February 7th 6pm to 9pm, is pending confirmation from the Family at this time, please follow this thread for updates.

Staging: Saturday Feb, 8h 9:00 AM at Hardees, off the Joyce Street exit of U.S. Route 50, (tiny url http://tinyurl.com/m74uxb2 ) a safety a ride brief will be held at approximately 9:15 AM,, with KSU , approximately 9:20 AM enroute to the Nathan Goff Armory. A flag line will be placed from 9:45 until 11:00 the beginning of Funeral services.

Weather: 38° Cloudy Chance of precip: 20%

Dave “UFO” Rowan, RC WV

Dave Rowan 

One thought on “Michael Garrett, Firefighter/EMT1 – Clarksburg, WV – 8 Feb 14”

  1. Part 1..Visitation Davis Funeral home Clarksburg WV….Friday February 7, 2012 1800-2100

    Thirteen Patriots were present this evening to show honor and respect for Michael Dale Garrett ; I want to thank each one for taking time to help out with this mission.

    The mission brief was conducted on time, and we had the flag line in place as requested, due to the night chill we took shifts going inside to warm-up, and sign the registery and pay our respects as we wished,. A variety of people came by to thank us for what we were doing, We made it clear we were honored to be there.

    Due to the hectic schedule and timelines set for the Saturday funeral, it was decided the presentation of the Condolence book and Plaque would be held at the 8 o’clock hour this night..the family requested that it be presented in front of all who were present so to add their own flair of ceremony to it, All present were called to form “The Sea of Blue” two lines of uniformed firefighters to act as our escort to the family located at casket side..Co-RC Aaron, Edison, Linda Stimmell, with an American Flag, Dana and Terry Hazelton, with Firefighter And EMS flags ,Boonie Jarvis, and Dave Rowan went forward to the casket to present our respects, Aaron Edison presented the condolence book and Boonie Jarvis the plaque, to a very humbled, and appreciative mother and father.

    The Nutter Fort Fire Department wishes to express its deepest appreciation for the outreach of brotherhood the West Virginia Patriot Guard has shown to them and the Garrett Family at this tragic time.

    Part 2: Saturday Feb 8, 0900-1200

    An even chillier morning met us today, as 31 of West Virginia’s finest people staged at 0900 at the Hardees in Clarksburg ,WV… ride brief was short and simple, and we drove over to the Nathan Goff Armory, and formed our flag line inside due to the cold, we were told again many times “Thank You for what you are doing”, and all replied,: It was our honor” the schedule of events were a little delayed but the hearse and the Fireman Honor Detail arrived around 11:15 to bring Michael into the Armory for the funeral services, The RC ,Dave Rowan called the group to Attention and present arms as the pallbearers brought MIchael in to the Armory, after the family had passed we quietly exited as requested to position ourselves along the procession route before the cemetary.

    Part 4 Saturday Feb 8 1300-1430

    some of those with us in the morning had to leave us, but we were joined by others as we formed just in front of the crossed ladders at the entrance to the cemetary road, The Fire Chief requested that the very last things the procession passed through was our flag line and the crossed ladders, so 31 Patriots formed a flag line on each side of the road, a call to Attention was given and Present Arms
    as the procession approached and was held until the immediate Family and Michael had completely passed through, we remained at rest until the end of the procession , some 70 different Fire departments were present from all over West Virginia, Ohio,Pennsylvania, Virginia and Maryland not counting the EMS units , State, County and City Law enforcement, Michael Dale Garrett, recievd his “Last Call ” at 1500 hrs this day…Mikey as he was known as , had served his community well and died a true American hero…the hole he leaves cannot be easily filled.

    I wish to thank all of you who braved the cold on this 2 day, 3 part event, your dedication to displaying the Honor and Respect these heroes truly deserve is unmatched anywhere..I SALUTE YOU ALL


    Dave Rowan WVPGR
    DISTRICT 7 & 8 RC

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