James K. “Kenny” Carpenter, USA Korea Veteran – Jane Lew, WV – 20 Feb 14


The family of James K. “Kenny” Carpenter, has requested the Patriot Guard Riders to stand in honor of their loved one at his final services. Kenny was a Sgt in the U.S.Army during the Korean War.

A flag line, as well as escort, are requested, with services at 11am Thursday, February 20, 2014. The location of the mission is at the Pat Boyle Funeral Home 144 Hackers Creek Rd Jane Lew, WV 26378.

Randy Rice will RC this most honorable mission, with assistance from Larry Ash.

Staging will be at 0900-0915 at the Robin’s Nest Travel Center at Jane Lew, WV (exit 105 on Interstate 79). http://tinyurl.com/molm7vd
A ride briefing will be held at 9:15am with kickstands up at 9:30 for a short ride to the Pat Boyle Funeral Home 144 Hackers Creek Rd Jane Lew, WV 26378.

As always dress and travel in accordance with the weather.

David Rowan WV DISTRICT 7 RC

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  1. Mission Complete, James K. ‘Kenny’ Carpenter, USA, Korea, Jane Lew, WV, 20 FEB 14

    I want to thank each one of the Seventeen Patriots, men and women who braved the cold on Thursday morning, to show honor and respect for Mr. James K. “Kenny” Carpenter. Mr. Carpenter served in the United States Army during the Korean War…we were honored to stand for him. Mr. Carpenter was also a long time personal friend for many of our PGR Members.

    The mission brief was conducted on time at Robin’s Nest Travel Center, Jane Lew, WV; we were able to have one new person join the group today. Randy Rice RCIC asked Larry Ash to lead the briefing. After the prayer, the group proceeded to mount up and load up, and proceeded the short distance, to the funeral home. I was honored to hear a story about Mr. Carpenter from Boonie Jarvis, that he was one of a few that survived the battle of Pork chop Hill. Which was even hard for me to hear about, even as of today. The group had the flag line in place as requested by 1000.

    (Visitation/Funeral Service). Pat Boyle Funeral Home 144 Hackers Creek Rd Jane Lew, WV 26378.

    We divided the group in half and were placed on both sides of the covered carport area. With the coolness of windy morning air, with the touch of rain thrown in. Made the mission a little cold just to mention. With the thoughts of safety, we were thinking of standing down the motorcycles for the escort to the cemetery and just use cages only. But, the rain stopped and the temperature raised a couple of notches, to make the escort possible.

    At the beginning of the service 1100, Randy Rice and Larry Ash presented the Governor’s Letter and the PGR Plaque, to a very humbled, and appreciative son and Family, the condolence book was presented the night before by District Captain and family friend Dave Rowan, As the service proceeded, we stored our flags and waited for the service to end, and when Mr. Carpenter would be moved to the hearse for transport. The PGR Member would like to say thank you to Pat Boyle Funeral Home for their hospitality and warm coffee during this period

    Just before the end of service, we made a semi arch line at the back of the hearse and waited for Mr. Carpenter to be moved for transport. At this time, Larry Ash called the group to Attention and Present Arms as we watched the pallbearers bring Kenny from the funeral home, to the hearse, loading of the casket, and the doors of the hearse close tight. At which time we were dismissed and preceded to our vehicles.

    (Escort/Interment). Pat Boyle Funeral Home, Jane Lew, WV. to Mitchell Cemetery, Roanoke WV.

    As the seven motorcycles and four cages lead the precession for this forty mile trip. The trip was done safely and all arrived to the cemetery, even though of some tense moments from on coming traffic and people cutting through the precession line with no care of respect.

    On their arrival at the cemetery we placed our flag line at the entrance so Mr. Carpenter could pass between as we stood in Attention. Then moved our flag line along the fence line, for the final service and the Honor Guard provided final words, a 3 round volley, taps, and flag folding in a highly professional manner. At which time Randy Rice dismissed the group.

    The family asked if we could join them at the Union Chapel United Methodist Church, where we were invited in as part of their family, for some home cooking at its best. Thank you for your hospitality.

    Thanks again to everyone that made this mission; Everyone gave of themselves, to the motorcycle riders you have my admiration. And others coming in from many parts of the state, Charleston area by Jim Shaffer and Dave Shaffer, Craigsville by Chuck Gyurek, Waverly by Thomas Mollohan, Big Chimney by Ronny Smith to name a few, for braving the cold to show honor and respect to one of The “Forgotten Warriors”. We are losing them all too soon.

    Larry Ash
    WV PGR Ride Captain

    David Rowan

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